Today at the Holy Land Experience I preached on Psalm 101.  What it is to live a "Blameless life?"  The bible expresses that we are to stand apart.  We are not allow to let any "VILE," "EVIL,"  "WICKED," way to enter into our walk as a Christian.  We are not to act like the world, believe in the things they believe, nor accept what they accept. 

We are a chosen people, peculiar, a royal priesthood, and we are to set ourselves differently from the world and express that in our actions, thoughts, and words.  It is not enough to say you "believe," or confess you are a Christian if you are not WALKING IT. 

We need to pick up our cross and FOLLOW Jesus on a daily basis.  Crucifying our flesh and desiring spiritual gifts.  We need to put ourselves behind us, and put other's needs before ours. 

Our PURPOSE is to be a BOLD witness unto Jesus, our life is Jesus, and we need to strive to live a BLAMELESS life.  God says, If you love me, you will obey my commands.  Show the Lord you love Him today by striving to be the best Christian and witness you can be!

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