Tired of those Giants or GIANT?

Maybe you are like me and have had a season with a non-stop Goliath?  Maybe you are like me and your tired of the constant battle with the Enemy?  Maybe you are like Joseph who has a bunch of jealous, envious haters who wont quit harassing, and have thrown you in a pit? These haters or "hater" has caused obstacle after obstacle to block you from reaching your dreams and goals?  Maybe you are like David and your "King Saul" wont stop chasing you, lieing on you, and trying to sabotage everything that you do for the glory of God? Besides, why can't your "King Saul" just stop?!  Your living your life to please the Lord and loving people the best way you know how? 

Let me tell you, ive been there, and still continue fight thru the messy maze of constant GIANTS!  Jesus doesn't promise us cotton candy and dreamsicles for our "Christian walk."  The reality is, if you are doing right in the eyes of the Lord, obeying His commands, and serving Him with your full heart and soul, the enemy is going to attack you; just like the prophets who have gone before us.  "BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO ARE PERSECUTED FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS SAKE, FOR THEIRS IS THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN." Matthew 5:10  

Be encouraged today.  Please know Jesus IS fighting your battles for you !  If he could use a scrawny, little shepherd boy to defeat a 9ft GIANT, how much more will your heavenly father help you defeat your GIANT TODAY?  Your GIANT could be your sickness, your finances, your job, a boss, your spouse, your dreams that haven't come to pass, torment in your mind, etc...

You are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus!  Remember, David even refused to put on his royal armor.  He fought Goliath bare, no swords , no weapons, no cover!  He came in the name of our Lord and a small stone.  Jesus and a BOLD faith was the Only armor David needed.

Take your GOLIATH to the Lord in prayer today.  Your stone, is your prayer!

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