Our Story

A Jersey Girl in the South?

Sounds like the plot of a fish-out-of-water movie, but it's real life for Whitney Lynn.  She is a devoted wife, mother to an amazing Princess, and two loveable fur babies.


Whitney Lynn is the CEO and Founder of Ignite Your Light Ministries, INC. (Non-Profit Organization to Ignite the Light of Jesus in children globally with an uncompromising faith in Christ). 


Whitney is an Ordained Minister, singer/songwriter and Actress who is deeply rooted in a Musical theatre background, and Pop music of her home state. But stints in Branson and Nashville opened her eyes to Americana as well. Thus broadening her horizon in the genre fields.

Whitney has hosted and sang at Disney's Night of Joy for TBN, the largest Christian Television Network. She also has sung backup for major artists such as: Donnie McClurkin, Michael English, and Guy Penrod, on several Praise the Lord episodes for TBN. 


She has appeared on several TV stations and opened for Sheila Ray Charles, legendary Ray Charles' daughter. 


Whitney also toured to India, where she performed in front of 30,000 people. And continues to perform in front of thousands of people today.

What makes Whitney so unique as a performer is the dynamic mix of influences, which you hear in her music. Her Angelic voice can be heard on the radio and the web. She has also co-written and recorded songs with Grammy Award Winning Producer: Dru Castro.

Whitney was nominated for "Best Female Performer" for the IAAPA Award in 2013. Only 1 out of 3 Females in the entire world receive nominations. The IAAPA's are a world-wide competition for Theme Parks.  Some of those Parks include: Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios Japan, Europa-Park in Rust, Germany.  Disneyland Paris, Hershey Park, Dollywood, Sixflags, and more.

Whitney's Original Children's musical TV show, Ignite Your Light Kidz, where she is introduced as the World's first Christian princess, is currently airing on 12 TV networks Nationwide and the 13th TV network is in Canada.


Her love for God is evident not only in her music, but in her actions as well. Whitney strives to glorify God with everything she does. You won't want to miss what's to come for Whitney Lynn!!