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Whitney Lynn

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Heart, Soul, and Mission

Whitney Lynn is a devoted mother to an amazing Princess. At only two years old, Whitney trained her daughter up to be an Evangelist to pray for the public. "Train a child in the way he/she should go and they will not depart from the word." Now, only one year later, as a toddler, Ariella is boldly approaching people herself with prayer and words of knowledge to encourage them to know Christ!

Whitney Lynn desires to share her powerful testimony with the world. Some of it includes her suffering she endured from her 14 year marriage. Her ex spouse was unfaithful and committed domestic violence, verbal, spiritual, emotional, and financial abuse.

Not only did she endure an abusive long term marriage, but she faced battles of on-going sicknesses, hospitalizations, and doctor's visits. During her marriage she was constantly bed-ridden with infirmities. 

In Whitney's young life, she has also faced abuse and great persecution in the work place and church, disappointments in her career and ministry, and battled a high risk pregnancy/delivery with multiple complications and surgeries. She even lost her singing voice for 3 years, amongst other illnesses.

Despite all of her hardships and sufferings, Whitney Lynn has continued to remain faithful and obedient to the Lord and his people. She continues to see His hand moving and shaking with miracles, signs, and wonders. Whitney is extremely grateful to the Lord for his steadfast love and faithfulness throughout these difficulties. It is evident that the Lord has been, and will continue to turn things around for the good. 

Whitney continues to hunger and thirst for righteousness and the things of God, and aspires to motivate others to go deeper in intimacy with Him.  

"We must go low, so Jesus can be high." - Whitney Lynn

As she shares her journey thru these anointed new songs, she believes it will bring deliverance and healing to those walking thru the fire as well. God wants to remind all of us, no matter what we face, He is with us.

Whitney's heart is to share the love of Jesus with a lost and dying world, and to commission those that know our Savior, to immerse whole-heartedly in Him. 

She is determined to allow her music, TV show, and gifts to glorify God and bring others closer to the cross. 

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